Use 50% Less Storage – We Guarantee It! NetApp Extends the Virtualization Guarantee Program

We can guarantee few things in life because there are many factors beyond our control.  That is why when an athlete “guarantees” a win against a vaunted opponent, it becomes newsworthy.  It takes confidence to guarantee a win and then deliver.  That was the case when Joe Namath guaranteed a win by his New York Jets team over the mighty Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.  Namath became a legend after his MVP performance in leading his team to a 16-7 win. 

When it comes to data storage, NetApp® has the confidence to guarantee 50% storage savings in your virtual environment with our Virtualization Guarantee Program.  NetApp has extended this program for our customers through 2013. 

Just show us how much data you need to store in your virtual environment, and we will guarantee that you will use 50% less storage with NetApp compared to traditional storage systems. 

Under this program, NetApp also guarantees that you will get the most utilization out of your existing non-NetApp storage (EMC, HP, or HDS systems) with NetApp V-Series open storage controllers.  We guarantee that by using our V-Series controllers and our deduplication technology, you will achieve at least 35% savings with your existing non-NetApp storage! 

If a customer who participates in the Program achieves less than the guaranteed space savings after complying with the Program’s requirements, NetApp will provide consulting and, if needed, additional capacity at no charge!  Requirements include using  NetApp  AutoSupport™, RAID-DP®, Thin Provisioning, Deduplication, and Snapshot® technologies as well as following NetApp best practices.

NetApp’s innovative storage technologies enable you to achieve storage efficiencies and savings in your virtual environment – guaranteed!

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on ‎2013-03-15 09:12 AM

Nice blog.  I like the reference to Namath's guarantee.