What’s the True Cost of Virtual Network Storage to the SMB?

By Ernie China, Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp


Though they may have seen virtualization as too costly or complicated to implement in the past, small and midsized businesses are learning that a virtual network environment provides a more easily manageable path to growth as their networks grow in capacity and sophistication.


However, building a virtual network requires an SMBs to do some long-term planning.  In a survey conducted by Info-Tech Research Group, over a third of the SMB’s participating reported not being happy with SMB storage solutions used to support their virtual networks.  Most common response when asked why they were dissatisfied?  The unforeseen costs (both in budget and man hours) associated with scaling the capacity and performance of the storage solution after initial purchase.


The problem is that growing SMBs who chose to go with  traditional  SMB storage solutions   have found them difficult to scale as their needs grow.  They need to implement backup, disaster  recovery, consolidation and management automation, but they find they can quickly outgrow traditional SMB storage that initially seemed so attractive due totheir initial low price point.   The result:  upgrades to more costly and more complex enterprise-level solutions that are often incompatible with the previous storage investment and/or require learning new management tools to support and manage them.  In light of the budget realities facing most SMBs, this can be a big problem.  But NetApp has the answer.


NetApp is helping our SMB customers make the move to virtual server and storage networks with our new Test Drive program.  Through the program, SMB customers can download and evaluate NetApp storage appliance  that runs on a VMware virtual machine . The  trial will show them first hand how easy virtualized storage can be to implement and manage.  To enroll in the program, please visit http://www.netapp.com/us/forms/ontap-test-drive.aspx


SMBs has an affordable storage solution from NetApp and upgrade to VMware with vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise (VSOM Ent) will be able to quickly and easily add backup and disaster recover capabilities to their existing  environment.