Workflow Automation – What It Is and Why You Should Care

One of the world’s largest financial services companies was having issues with their data storage management processes -- they were outsourced, and there were numerous human error issues due to the complexity of the tasks as well as the distributed nature of the team.  They incurred significant unplanned downtime and data loss which was a huge problem especially in that industry.

They decided they needed a storage automation tool to minimize the potential for errors and to reduce their downtime.  Workflow Automation technologies are becoming popular at all levels of IT.  In this case they specifically needed one to remove manual steps from data storage management, like provisioning new capacity, setting-up new systems and performing data migration. 

They evaluated offerings from the major storage vendors including NetApp, EMC, HP and HDS.  It turned out that only NetApp had technology that could automate these storage management processes that could be easily developed, used and managed.

What was this unique new technology?

NetApp Workflow Automation.

NetApp Workflow Automation (WFA) is the latest NetApp storage automation product that enables the design and automated execution of administrative tasks such as storage capacity provisioning, system setup, data migration, and storage reclamation. It lets storage architects automate highly customized tasks that can then be easily executed with the click of a mouse, quickly and without error, by downstream administrators, operations staff or end users, across organizations and over time.

WFA 1.1 is Available

WFA has been in use for over a year by a select group of NetApp enterprise and service provider customers.  We just released the 1.1 version with a number of enhancements for faster workflow execution, security, usability, as well as support for Data ONTAP 8.x in Cluster-Mode.

Next Steps

WFA is in Controlled Release, with General Availability expected later this year.  You can learn more about the new product on the webpage. If it seems a match for your environment, contact a NetApp Sales Rep or Reseller to find out about qualifying for the Controlled Release program.  And get ready to automate your storage environment to new heights of efficiency and simplicity with WFA.


dont we do that workflow (shown in the flow chart) already in provision manager,protection manager storage as service model?