"Howdy, Partner!", by Brad Nisbet, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager

Howdy, Partner!

Delivering successful IT is the result of successful partnerships.  These partnerships take a variety of forms within a matrix of customers, technology/service providers, distributors, and resellers.  When it comes to delivering cloud to the enterprise, particularly hybrid solutions that span both on-premises (private) and service provider (public) resources, no one provider can cover the full gamut of technology and service offerings necessary to meet business needs.

Market leaders recognize where future momentum is heading, and in the power of partnership to realize the full potential of that momentum.  As Tom Georgens, NetApp CEO, often points out, “Partnering is not important to our strategy, it IS our strategy.”

On November 28th, NetApp and Amazon, two cloud leaders, entered an historic partnership by delivering NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS), which combines the proven performance and efficiency of NetApp storage with the flexibility and compelling economics of Amazon’s cloud compute offerings.  The solution entails deploying NetApp FAS or V-Series storage in an AWS-certified Direct Connect co-location facility.  This enables Amazon EC2 to directly leverage NetApp storage and data management capabilities via a secure, low-latency, high-bandwidth network connection.  Enterprise customers can now harness the power and efficiency of Amazon cloud offerings while preserving what they rely on with NetApp - security and control of their data.

I knew this solution would be well-received when announced at Amazon’s Re:Invent show in Las Vegas.  However, I didn’t realize what an understatement that would be.

Amazon is clearly resonating with a growing population of enterprise customers – the turnout among this group was impressive, to say the least.   A steady stream of customers bombarded the NetApp booth - eager for more details on the new solution.  Why?  Many expressed that moving some applications to public cloud and the use of AWS was not simply an interesting possibility, but an inevitable transformation, if not an outright mandate.  For these NetApp customers who have been trying to figure out how to gracefully navigate to the cloud, the notion of possibly being forced to give up what they love about NetApp performance, efficiency, and data manageability was horrifying.  To them, this solution, which bridges their newfound need for compute in the cloud with the familiarity of enterprise storage performance and control, is a Godsend.

One thing is for sure – the momentum of moving to the public cloud continues to build, and for most enterprise customers, a hybrid environment that spans both private and public cloud will be center stage for the foreseeable future.  We are thrilled to embark on providing ultimate flexibility for a broad set of customers.  Partnership is a beautiful thing.

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