Can SMVI backup vCenter?


Can SMVI backup vCenter on vierual machine?

I am testing SMVI now/

Backup job is success,but restore job is failed.

To begin with, is the backup of vCenter on a virtual machine supported?

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Re: Can SMVI backup vCenter?


It is supported but VMware snapshots should be disabled as we have seen issues with this. What is the restore error that you are seeing?



Re: Can SMVI backup vCenter?


We have indeed a VMware infrestructure with the vCenter virtualized. This VM is a w2k3 and also has installed SnapDrive for Windows. Its disks are stored on a NFS datastore. This is very important since SMVI 2.0 only supports crash consistency snapshots on VM with these types of disks. So if you vCenter has disks stored on an NFS datastore, you can take SMVI 2.0 snapshots of it.

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