1. Can VSC seclectively back up VMDK disks within a VM?


2. Can VSC selectively backup VM's?


Any specific version required?


Thanks for sharing!


This is based on my experience with VSC 4.2.2, but I guess it still applies.


VSC's job is to trigger a NetApp volume snapshot, so it will actually backup any data that belongs to that volume, presumably a (full) VMware VMFS.


If for any reason you want to selectively keep backups of a single VM or vmdk, you'll need to move it to a new VMFS, in its own NetApp volume.


VSC 6.2.1 is the last version supporting backup and recovery functionality. Starting VSC 7.0, the back and recovery functionality has moved to SnapCenter portfolio with SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere.


Also, VSC 6.2.1 (infact whole of 6.x) is going End of Version Support in Aug'18, so you are recommended to move to SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere.Refer the details here for EoVS timelines:


Both VSC and SCV can selectively backup VMs but not VMDKs. It backs up all VMDKs associated with VM or a datastore. However while doing a restore you can selectively restore VMDKs to original or alternate datastore.