Troubles with snapmirror: cannot connect to source filler


I’m having an issue and need some help. My destination filer cannot connect to the source for some reason and my snap mirror is failing.

Both are up on the network, pingable.

I m not familiar with the use of file like snapmirror conf or /etc/file thats why i used the storage manager to set the snap mirror relationship

on local i have DOT 7.3.3 on DR site I ave 7.3.6

i have set options snapmirror.access to all on both controller

options snapmirror.checkip.enable to on also

I have modified the etc/snapmirror.allow (adding all ip and name of other side storage machine)

rdfile /etc/snapmirror.allow





I have tried a lot of syntax for snapmirror but always the same message: cannot connect to source filer...

snapmirror initialize -S   AFDB_DR_NSERIES_BAS:vol_test_SnapMirror_21Jan2012_133245

snapmirror initialize -S AFDB_NSERIES_BAS-e0a:vol_test   AFDB_DR_NSERIES_BAS-e0a:vol_test_SnapMirror_21Jan2012_133245

snapmirror initialize -S AFDB_NSERIES_BAS:vol_test   AFDB_DR_NSERIES_BAS:vol_test_SnapMirror_21Jan2012_133245

I need your advises please

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