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AFF 200 change Vlan for NFS SVM




I have an working NFS SVM with our Server Vlan (id 55), for security reasons i want to change this to a new Vlan  (id 10).

This NFS Exports are for the VMWare vCenter Datastores.

I changed the network settings of the ESXI for the new Vlan 10, the Interfaces are pingable and working.

On the existing NFS SVM i created a new NFS Lif in the new Vlan 10, but from this Interface i cannot ping the ESXI.

The Switch Config seems to be ok.

Do i need to delete the existing NFS Lif that the new is working?

Do i need to create a new NFS SVM or will it work with the existing?

Many Thanks, Thomas


Re: AFF 200 change Vlan for NFS SVM


Add the VLAN:

vlan create -node xxx-01 -name a0a-10

vlan create -node xxx-02 -name a0a-10


Add the VLAN to broadcast domain:

broadcast-domain add-port ..... -port xxx-01:a0a-10,xxx-02:a0a-10


Test it out:

Externally, ping one of the NETAPP LIFS. While that is running:


Net int migrate -lif abc -vserver xyz -destination-port a0a-10


If the ping still works, continue. If not revert it back and see what was missed



net int modify -vserver xyz -lif abc|bcd -destination-port a0a-10

net int revert  -vserver xyz -lif abc|bcd


Clean up


Broadcast-domain remove-port .... -port xxx-01:a0a-55,xxx-02:a0a-55


Hope that helps.

Re: AFF 200 change Vlan for NFS SVM


Thanks for the Reply,

I upgraded CDot 9.5 on friday so i used this command:

cluster1::> network port vlan create -node cluster-1-01 -vlan-name a0a-10

after that i did:

cluster1::> network port broadcast-domain add-ports -broadcast-domain Data_55 -ports cluster1-01:a0a-10 cluster1-02:a0a-10

Now i have the Broadcast domain Data_55 with:

a0a type if_group with 4 physical ports: e0c, e0d, e0e, e0f

a0a-10 type vlan

I migrated the svm_nfs_10 to the a0a-10 vlan port and it is pingale

Thanks a lot, works fine!


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