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AFF 250 / 25Gb switch / small core



customer with limited budget is looking to get AFF 250 with 25GbE. They are also planning to use these 25GbE switches for consolidating small network in terms providing connectivity for access switches.  Is this something people do and what would be recommendation for a switch? I was looking at Mellanox:

Any recommendations? Suggestions? 


Re: AFF 250 / 25Gb switch / small core


If you are referring to the SN2010/25gb cluster switches. The cluster network should not be mixed with data network. It should be running a privet cluster network only.   


If you are referring for data access switches, this will be outside NetApp recommendation. 

Re: AFF 250 / 25Gb switch / small core


As far as cluster, AFF A250 will be configured as switchless cluster. I am talking about iSCSI traffic as well as other traffic on network.  

Re: AFF 250 / 25Gb switch / small core


As stated, we don't have any formal switch recommendations for data-side networking. You can pick your poison: Mellanox/Nvidia, Broadcom, Cisco, Juniper, Arista, etc.   

I'd personally stick with enterprise-class switches with good management capabilities.

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