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AFF A200 - single path ha

Hi Community,


We have bought month ago AFF-A200 array with 12 internal disks (no additional shelves) . Engineer that cabled this array on site, cabled it wrong (SAS Cables)


Controller 1 0a to Controller 2 0a

Controller 1 0b to Controller 2 0b


Should be 0a to 0b and 0b to 0a.


No errors at all on SysMGR, sysconfig -a shows it as 

System Storage Configuration: Single-Path HA


As it has only internal disks, can it be recabled nondisruptively ?





Re: AFF A200 - single path ha



Yes, you can recable SAS cable nondisruptively , if you only have internal disks and dont have any additional shelves.

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Re: AFF A200 - single path ha

do you even need the SAS cabling on A220? with single path HA, will it affect disk failover to different controllers? Thx. 


Re: AFF A200 - single path ha

If a FAS or AFF controller with embedded storage has no additional external SAS storage shelves, the Node1 0a -> Node2 0b and Node1 0b -> Node1 0a SAS cable connections are a minor reliability enhancement to give you multipath HA connectivity for that internal shelf of drives. But, the internal path to the drives is deemed highly reliable - In fact, NetApp has stopped including the 2 x SAS cables for systems with only internal storage due to this fact.

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