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AFF - Are SSD Spares Needed?

I have a AFF 2552 running 8.3P2 - I have set it up with ADP and we were looking for max space utilization but have spares. Sine the "root" is now in shared disks and "partitions" we would be ok. I know one the drive reaches 90% of exhaustion it will trigger an asup to replace the drive and in the mean time try to copy the data to a new drive (i.e. spare) since I have no spares perhaps I should have a cold spare standing by. Thoughts? Or should I just re-do the whole thing and kick two drives out for spares.

Re: AFF - Are SSD Spares Needed?


You need spares. If the disk containign the root partition fails it tries to rebuild on a spare disk, not on another partition in a disk already assigned to an aggregate.

Re: AFF - Are SSD Spares Needed?


How many spares? I was thinking 2 one per aggr




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