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AFF200 Headupgrade



We want to upgrade our AFF200, Dualhead, is there an Best Practice Procedure or a Manual you could recommend?

Many Thanks, Thomas


Re: AFF200 Headupgrade

Re: AFF200 Headupgrade

Thanks Mjizzini,

I already upgraded to the newest Ontap Version, can i finde a Manual for the Head upgrade from AFF200 to AFF220?

Many Thanks, Thomas

Re: AFF200 Headupgrade

Re: AFF200 Headupgrade

Thanks SpindleNinja;

Do i understand you right

When i only change the AFF200 Controllers to AFF220 Controllers, we keep the Shelf and  HDDs, after reload/takeover/giveback the old system didn't came up with the same Settings?

Do i need to add them as additional Nodes like in the Manual?

Thanks, Thomas



Re: AFF200 Headupgrade

There's a lot more to it than just putting in the new controllers. Most customers will get Partner or NetApp PS for the headswap.    


Edit:  there are two ways to do "upgrade controllers".     There's the "head swap" part, which is moving disks to a new controller pair;   or Volume move, which is taking a 2 node cluster and making it a 4 node cluster temporary and moving over the volumes. and converting it back to a 2 node cluster.   


I've not ever done a head swap with internal disks honestly,  those systems i've always moved using the vol move method.  


For the A200 to A220,  I don't think you'd be moving the controllers, you'd be moving the disks in to a A220 chassis/controller.  


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