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AFF200 cifs Quota don't initialize

Hi there;


I am facing a problem with the quotas of my cifs svm, i have 4 volumes there with qtree quotas enabled, 3 volumes are fine but 1 makes problems:



when i try to enable the quota i receive this Error: Job failed: The specified qtree does not exist


cluster1::> volume quota on -vserver svm_cifs -volume vol2_home -foreground
[Job 6282] Running: Sending quota rules. 100 Quota rules sent.

Error: command failed: [Job 6282] Job failed: The specified qtree does not exist.


Does anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks a lot, Thomas



Re: AFF200 cifs Quota don't initialize



it's documented under this BUG #

i suggest running


quota policy rule show -volume <vol name> -fields Qtree





qtree show -volume <vol name> -fields Qtree



putting them one by one in excel and see what the extra record is.


There maybe other ways. or a more detailed message in EMS. but i think that's an easy approach.




Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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Re: AFF200 cifs Quota don't initialize

Hi marcus;


Thanks, perfect answer, its running again.

Greetings, Thomas

Re: AFF200 cifs Quota don't initialize



I'm having the exact same problem. Running the two commands, I get the same result apart from 1 extra entry when running the second command. The extra qtree listed is the root, shown as "".


I use the standard default rule on all qtree. 


Probably not revelant, but i am running FAS8200 9.3P4


Where do i go from here?





Re: AFF200 cifs Quota don't initialize

Check the output again and make sure it is extactly same.  In my case, i have renamed qtree which i created intially because of the typo but the quota policy rule  was showing the old qtree name. I have deleted the old rule and i am able to activate.


Second command will display the extra qtree listed as root. I think it is normal


Re: AFF200 cifs Quota don't initialize

Sorry, I forgot to update this after fixing the problem a while ago. 


For the benefit of others experiencing the same issue, I had two quota policy rules that were referencing the qtree's by the path rather that the qtree name itself. I removed the quota policy RULE and recreated them by referencing the qtree name. I was able to activate the quota on the volume after this.


Hope this helps.



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