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Best practice when adding a new shelf full of disks


Hi all,

I have following situation:

An existing AFF-A300 storage with one shelf DS224 with 24 disks, which were assigned as "shared" on both controllers.

Now I added a second DS224 with also 24 of the same disks, and the autoassign option was setted to off.

My question is what is the best practice to proceed:

1. Should I set the autoassign option to on and let the storage decide the way the disks will be assigned

2. Shoud I add each of the 24 disks separately to the controllers (0-11 to the first controller and 12-23 to the second)?

It looks like, since the existing disks are "shared" the rg group is already 24 from the maximum of 28,

meaning that probably a new rg group has to be created, correct?


Thanks in advance for any tip,


Apostolos Gkavanozis

Re: Best practice when adding a new shelf full of disks


I would recommend using auto-assign for the disks.  As for the raid groups yes you will need additional raid groups if you have reached the max.

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