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CIFS on 8040FAS Replacing with FAS2720




We have a 4 node cluster currently consisting of a FAS8040 and a AFF-A300.

The cluster has the following SVMs

Fiber Channel (All 4 nodes have access to this)

CIFS&NFS (Only the 2 8040 nodes have access to this data network (10GB) connections)


I am introducing a 2 node FAS2720 which will house all the CIFS data that the FAS8040 currently does.  My question is what I have to do with the CIFS/NFS SVM in preparation for the removal of the 8040.


I have no problems and am very familiar with retiring a node with just fiber channel.  In that case I add the new nodes FC data ports to the SVM, do the zoning in the fabric, and make sure all paths show up.  Then I volume move the data over to the new nodes aggregates, make sure the lun mappings look good, and then remove the old nodes FC LIFS and remove it from the cluster.


This is what I think will happen for CIFS but I wanted guidance.

-I add the FAS2720 to the cluster

-I configure the 2720 ports for the 10GB network ports on the same VLAN as the current 8040.

-I volume move the CIFS/NFS volumes from the 8040 aggr->2720 aggr

-At this step the actual data access to the volumes is going through the 8040->cluster switches->2720

-After all volumes are migrated to the 2720, I move the CIFS/NFS LIFs from the 8040 -> 2720 network port that is on the same vlan as the 8040.  There may be a loss of a ping or two which is fine.

-Now data access is going directly through the 2720 because the CIFS/NFS LIFS are hosted on a node in that 2720.


Since the CIFS/NFS SVM was setup on the 8040, do I have to do anything special with the 2720 for CIFS/NFS setup?  This is where I have the questions.


Thank you


Re: CIFS on 8040FAS Replacing with FAS2720


Data SVMs are carried throughout the whole cluster, so when you add a pair of nodes, the SVM will be extended across them.  

Once you've moved all the data over,   and the lifts etc,  you'll have to decom the ports and anything else that's tied in. 


Here's the doc on removing nodes.   Note the part about the master node.


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Re: CIFS on 8040FAS Replacing with FAS2720

  1. add the FAS2720 to the cluster
  2. configure networking to best match original FAS8040 (port-channels, FC, etc)
  3. Add ports from the FAS2720 to the current broadcast-domains
  4. Vol move NFS/CIFS to FAS2720
  5. For each NFS/CIFS lif on the FAS8040 (change the vserver, lifname, home-node and home-port)
    1. net int modify -vserver xxx -lif xxx -home-node fas2720-xx -home-port xx)
  6. Send the LIF to its new home
    1. net int revert  -vserver xxx -lif xxx 
  7. The SVM is global to the cluster. Shared databases take care of the info.
  8. Depending on the number of FC LIFs per node, you may be able to:
    1. Modify one FC LIF to down
    2. Modify the FC to the new FAS2720
    3. Modify one FC LIF to up -> it is now in a new location, no zoning needed 😉
    4. Verify pathing comes back as expected
    5. If needed, LUN move from the FAS8040 to the FAS2720
    6. I do not know the full layout of your FC on your Cluster. I have done this with iSCSI and FC in the past.
      1. It requires having at least two LIFs on each node.
      2. You can relocate one LIF on each fabric leaving one per node
      3. After the move you did not need to zone anything and the LIFs stay the same


Re: CIFS on 8040FAS Replacing with FAS2720


Thank you all for the replies.  It is as easy as I thought!

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