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Can SolidFire Plugin for vcenter be more VSC style?



Can the provisioning of datastores from solidfire be used like vsc when you're able to right-click the esxi host/cluster and use the plugin extension from there do provision to this host/cluster?

Also right-clicking the datastore to increase its' size or even take a snapshot on it.

Having to leave the main vcenter screens in order to go the plugin is not much convenient in my opionion.



(Hope this is the right place to post it)  


Re: Can SolidFire Plugin for vcenter be more VSC style?


Hello SuperTeam,


I see your point about making the SolidFire vCenter Plug In a little more streamlined with the existing vCenter interface.


A better way to request this enhancement would be to discuss it with your account team or your Support Account Manager (SAM) if you have one. 

Team NetApp

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