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Cluster create von Element vsim falils


Hi everybody,

I´m using the Element OS demo sim. After converting the ova file to vmx with ovatool I was able to deploy the element sim to my ESX 6.7.  The element sim is running. If I try to create a cluster I get the Error that the clustername field is empty. (See picture)  On the Console I cant set the name while I always get error "Update failed"  see picture error2

I am new using solidfire(sim) 




Re: Cluster create von Element vsim falils


sorry this error picture is the right one.

Re: Cluster create von Element vsim falils


As the screenshot says, you need to decide which cluster the node should be able to join, in order to create it.


It's a common mistake even with physical clusters. But this name can't be decided for you because a new node (not this one, but Element nodes in general) may be deployed to an environment where multiple clusters are found on the same management network)


Go to https://node-management-ip:442/config/#/cluster


There enter your desired cluster name, and then Save. After that you can create cluster at https://node-management-ip/createcluster


(By the way Element Demo VM is not really a simulator, although it's commonly referred to because ONTAP has a simulator VM... It's a Demo VM that can create a single-node cluster with almost all Element features as production clusters)



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