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EF570 or A300


Hello experts

Sorry for bother you again.

I need one storage used for database, first the storage need have high performance (about iops 100000)and low latecy(<1ms), at the same time snapshot and replication protect need for database.  EF570 or A300, i don't know which to choose.

For EF570, its performance is ok , although it  has snapshot and replication function,but i am not sure if EF570 snapshot or replication is ok.

Is there an comparision between EF570 snapshot/replication vs A300?




Re: EF570 or A300


A300 will deliver sub 1ms, typically if efficient replication and regular snaps (as well as app integration) i’d reccommend ONTAP.


if microsecond latency is more important with less regular snaps then EF would be what I’d go for.


Your SE should be able to go through the requirements in more detail to define the correct solution. 

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Re: EF570 or A300


They are two very different systems running two different OSes.   


the A300 (running ONTAP) will offer more flexability, configuration and growth options than the EF series (runnings SANtricity) 


Like mandrews said, discuess the difference in detail with your NetApp Se and/or NetApp Partner. 

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