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Element OS v12 demo single node cluster- Unable to create cluster


Hello All,

We've downloaded Element OS v12 demo which is an ova file and setup instructions that is availabel on the same download page. Following instructions we've deployed the ova in our ESXi v6.5 environment. After configuring networking via TUI in VM Console we've tried to create cluster via Web UI. This request is redirecting us to https://<MVIP>/createcluster page. In this page a single node did appeared. After entering MVIP, SVIP, admin credentials and click I agree checkbox so all fields get completed nothing happens by clicking "Create Cluster" button. By pointing mouse on the button it shows js:void(0) which shows a possible issue on this page.

Did anyone knows how to overcome this and succesfyly create a single-node demo cluster ?




Re: Element OS v12 demo single node cluster- Unable to create cluster


Finally I found the root cause which is my mistake and a miss-implemented UI in create cluster form !


I am entering wrong IP addresses in the form;s VIPs being the same as the demo node ones and they must be different IPs for MVVIP and SVIP. So I need to enter 2 IPs for each Management ans storage interfaces, one for the node's IP and a second for Virtual IP.  It is something that easily can implemented in the create cluster html form to report this error which isn't showing.

I entered the following HTML block in the create cluster form html code in order to see the actual error :

<div id="mvipError"></div>
<div id="svipError"></div>
<div id="createClusterError"></div>
<div id="usernameError"></div>
<div id="repeatPasswordError"></div>
<div id="passwordError"></div>


Also it may be good to add a note on the demo instructions.



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