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Expand Aggregate on AFF 200 SSDs to Spare




We are using a AFF 200 with 24 960GB SSD and a schelf mith 12 960GB SSD, now we added 4 960er SSDs to the shelf, after assigning the Disks to the Cluster01-2 with the Command "storage aggregate show-status" i can see the disks 1.11.12-1.11.15 correct assigned to cluster1-02, it kooks fine:


With "disk show" i can see the 4 new SSDs are unasigned.


1.11.12                   -    11  12 SSD     unassigned  -         -
1.11.13                   -    11  13 SSD     unassigned  -         -
1.11.14                   -    11  14 SSD     unassigned  -         -
1.11.15                   -    11  15 SSD     unassigned  -         -


When i assign the Disks to the cluster01-2 i get this:


1.11.12 894.0GB 11 12 SSD aggregate aggr1_B_01
1.11.13 894.0GB 11 13 SSD aggregate aggr1_B_01
1.11.14 894.0GB 11 14 SSD aggregate aggr1_B_01
1.11.15 894.0GB 11 15 SSD aggregate aggr1_B_01


The SSDs now in the Container aggr1_B_01 why?

To correctly expand an aggregate i need Spare Disks,

How can i convert this Disks to Spare?

Can you help me please?

Greetings, Thomas


Re: Expand Aggregate on AFF 200 SSDs to Spare


Would you be able to supply the log of the CLI commands you entered?

This is probably best handled by opening a technical case with NetApp Support.

Re: Expand Aggregate on AFF 200 SSDs to Spare


Hi Andis;


Thanks for your Reply, i have contacted Netapp in thiis case, but received no Respose so far.

I amnew in cDot, so i don't know how to provide the CLI Log, sorry.

I am sure that the Disks whre used in an other Filer and have old Aggregate Inormation, It looks like no "qick" Solution for the Problem...

Greetings, Thomas

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