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Hibrid aggregate + SATA Aggregate


Hello Guys


I have a new FAS2554 HA with CDOT 8.3. My setting is (20 SAS 1.2T with 4 SSD 400G) + (12x SATA 3T). I need a aggregate with SATA disks for FS backups and another hibrid aggr Flash Pool (SSD + SAS).

Does anyone have the steps for me to create these aggregates in CDOT version 8.3?
the storage is new and is still in packing box.


Thank you in advance.




Re: Hibrid aggregate + SATA Aggregate




Setup1 - Storage Pool:


storage pool create -storage-pool SP01 -disk-list 1.0.0,1.0.1,1.0.2

storage pool show-available-capacity


Setup2 - SATA Aggr:

storage aggregate create -aggregate Node1_SATA_3T -diskcount 12 -node Node1 -maxraidsize 18

aggr modify -aggregate Node1_SATA_3T -hybrid-enabled true

storage aggregate add Node1_SATA_3T -storage-pool sp01 -allocation-units 2 -raidtype 4


Setup3 - SAS Aggr

storage aggregate create -aggregate Node2_SAS_1.2T -diskcount 20 -node Node2 -maxraidsize 20

aggr modify -aggregate Node2_SAS_1.2T -hybrid-enabled true

storage aggregate add Node2_SAS_1.2T -storage-pool sp01 -allocation-units 2 -raidtype 4


and you are done.



If you just want to use the storage pool for one aggregate, remove in Setup2 line 2 and 3 and add 4 Units in Setup3.




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