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How to join SF cluster to mNode




I'd like to get the procedure how to join SF cluster to mNode.

I have searched documents and KB on mysupport, but I couldn't find useful one.
I have deployed mNode ova file, and set network parameters and created user on mNode.
I can access mNode via HTTP and SSH.
I don't know the next step.
If someone know that, please tell me that.


Best Regards,



Re: How to join SF cluster to mNode

Hi Yasushi,


What is your goal here?


Mnode is used for two reasons mainly:- 


1) Configuring the cluster to report in Active IQ , which can be done using below commands. 

cd /solidfire/collector


 sudo ./ --set-mvip --set-username admin --set-password

sudo restart sfcollector


2) To Upgrade the cluster in which we point the MVIP and mnode in sfinstall command. To upgrade the cluster you can open a support ticket with NetApp support. 



- Pranay Gupta

NetApp Techical Support.