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How to join SF cluster to mNode





I'd like to get the procedure how to join SF cluster to mNode.

I have searched documents and KB on mysupport, but I couldn't find useful one.
I have deployed mNode ova file, and set network parameters and created user on mNode.
I can access mNode via HTTP and SSH.
I don't know the next step.
If someone know that, please tell me that.


Best Regards,



Re: How to join SF cluster to mNode


Hi Yasushi,


What is your goal here?


Mnode is used for two reasons mainly:- 


1) Configuring the cluster to report in Active IQ , which can be done using below commands. 

cd /solidfire/collector


 sudo ./ --set-mvip --set-username admin --set-password

sudo restart sfcollector


2) To Upgrade the cluster in which we point the MVIP and mnode in sfinstall command. To upgrade the cluster you can open a support ticket with NetApp support. 



- Pranay Gupta

NetApp Techical Support. 


Re: How to join SF cluster to mNode


You don't "join" the cluster with mNode, it is an out-of-band management VM.


You can set it up to gather logs/events and send them to ActiveIQ:


For SolidFire 11.1 file locations may be different - you can use the find command to find the python scripts inside of mNode.


You can also set it up to run SIOC connector (if you use SIOC in vSphere) and to gather VMware alerts/events (if you are using NetApp HCI).

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