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Howto promote deprioritized volume




I have an AFF200 and i have the poroblem that on several Volumes the deduplication didn't run

cluster1::> volume efficiency show
Vserver Volume State Status Progress Policy
---------- ---------------- --------- ----------- ------------------ ----------
svm_cifs vol1_department Enabled Idle Idle for 1119:39:08 default
svm_cifs vol2_home Enabled Idle Idle for 989:37:08 auto
svm_cifs vol3_office Enabled Idle Idle for 140:46:30 auto
svm_cifs vol4_profile Enabled Idle Idle for 5205:55:56 auto
svm_nfs Cluster1_NFS2 Enabled Idle Idle for 3020:04:51 auto


If i try to change the policy i get the following error message:

Cannot perform efficiency operations on deprioritized volume.
To be able to perform efficiency operations, run "volume efficiency promote" command first.


If i try to run the command i get this error message:


cluster1::> volume efficiency promote

Error: "promote" is not a recognized command


can you please help me with this error?

Thanks, Thomas


Re: Howto promote deprioritized volume




I reckon this could be a bug,  if you need to know more about this bug or unsure on the procedure,  then please feel free to speak with NetApp support.


SnapMirror software cannot perform efficiency operations on a deprioritized volume

INFO: On AFF systems, if a volume is not configured for the expected efficiency, or if stale writes accumulate, the deduplication schedule is disabled. When the deduplication schedule is disabled, the volume is deprioritized. A deprioritized volume prevents efficiency operations.


Use the following command to attempt recovering a locked destination Vserver:
vserver config override -command "volume efficiency promote -vserver <vserver> -volume <volume>"

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Re: Howto promote deprioritized volume


I have used this command before. From the DOCs:


Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


Run "set advanced" and then you should have access to the "vol eff promote" commands

Re: Howto promote deprioritized volume


Thanks a lot, i will try today, sorry for my late reply i didn't get an email notification.

Gretings, Thomas


Re: Howto promote deprioritized volume


Thanks, worked perfectly!

greetijngs, Thomas

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