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Migration to AFF A220


I currently have a FAS2554 with a number of Volumes and NFS and CIFS shares provisioned.  I'd like to migrate all of these to a new AFF A220.  Has anyone been through a similar process ?  What tools did you use to achieve this ?


Just looking for some pointers on the best way forward !




Re: Migration to AFF A220


The least disruptive is to add AFF220 to the cluster, move data off FAS2554 and remove it from cluster. This can be done completely online. Other options depend on licenses you have, how much downtime can you afford, your skills etc. It is really beyond simple forum question, it is more a project work.

Re: Migration to AFF A220


An other Option could be, upgrade the System to 9.5 or higher and than use Snapmirror DR - SVM Configuration will transfered.



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