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Can anyone help me understand the difference between part - DS224C-0-24-N-C & part DS224C-0-24-C. These parts and their description look exactly the same, the only difference is "-N". I want to understand what this "-N" stands for and what is it used for.


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It's a great question. I had to dig in as well. You are absolutely correct, as far as the Shelf enclosure is concerned they are identical. I checked HWU poster and I believe '-N' stands for NSE : NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE), which is NetApp's implementation of full-disk encryption (FDE) using self-encrypting drives.


I guess you have option : You can either go for NSE or Non-NSE drives.



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Thank you for your reply, you are partially correct about "N" in a partcode representing NSE(NetApp Storage Encryption), but "-N" seems to be something different. Let me show you with an example.


Part  "DS224C-SL-3.8-24N-2P-C" has description "SSD Shelf,12G,24x3.8TB,NSE,2P,-C" which means it has NSE and its represented by "24N".

Part "DS224C-SL-3.8-24N-N-C" has description "SSD Shelf,12G,24x3.8TB,NSE,-C" and this also supports NSE.

Whereas part "DS224C-SL-3.8-24S-N-C" has a description "SSD Shelf,12G,24x3.8TB,-C" which does not support NSE.


So we can infer that "-N" does not represent NSE but something else.


Re: Part code related


This may be a boring answer, but apparently the "-N" simply denotes that the part number is a "Newer" version of the original -C. Otherwise, they are identical.

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