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Performance Advisor FlashCache counters

I am looking for a way, through Perf Advisor or other to find out Volume usage on our FlashCache modules.  Ive gone through tr-3832.pdf and the chart setup for overall FlashCache performance at

These have definitely got me in the right direction and i have some visibility now.  However, I am looking to see if it is possible to find out what volumes are the ones hitting our flashcache the most.  We are showing a steady 97% usage and I have no idea what is doing it.  Any ideas?  Thanks.


Re: Performance Advisor FlashCache counters

Sorry, but I don't think there is a way to see what individual vol usage in the cache is - as far as I'm aware, the stats only give usage, inserts, ejects, invalidates, etc across the whole cache.  Would be nice if we could though...

By the way, 97% usage is a good thing.  Your cache should be as close to full as possible.  It will keep inserting blocks until full, then you would see blocks being ejected (extremely overly simplified, but to illustrate the point).


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Re: Performance Advisor FlashCache counters

Thanks, thats what i had seen so far.  Appreciate confirmation.

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