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Poor performance on Dynamic home share


Hi Gents,


Newly installed A250 takes 1+ minute to open a 5Mb word file from a home share which is configured as a dynamic share (%w$) over VPN. Same file when copied to a standard CIFS share (not a Dynamic home share) it open in 15 seconds. It is same SVM  in both scenario and the latency is not coming from volume or disk from perf analysis. With and with out AV scan tested, no difference. Fploicy we are not using. Any clues where to to troubleshoot this issue? please advise.




Re: Poor performance on Dynamic home share


I recently had a similar case, there the cause was disabled OPLOCKS. These were deactivated on one share (slow) on Qtree level, and was active on the other share (fast). Maybe you could check this?

There was no difference on the LAN, but there was on the VPN.

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