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Question Performance EF280


we have an EF-280 wit 48 SSD Disks.

We created 2 Volumes - Raid 6 - workload: other workload

"each" shelf one volume


directoly connected to DataCore Server (Windows) via 32 GB FC

These volumes are in an diskpool on Datacore served to ESXi Hosts

We got 150 MB/s and ~ 2000 IO/s

On other existing storages - like QNAP with SSD via ISCSI to Datacore -> ESXi - we got around 20.000 IO/s


So - what is wrong in our configuration ?


Thank you


Re: Question Performance EF280

It's possible that you are experiencing performance degradation as a result of delayed ACK being enabled on the host-side. This is referenced in the KB available at Can you try following the steps to disable delayed ACK and verify if performance has improved?

Re: Question Performance EF280


we are using the FC Adapter directly connected to the Datacore Server.

We do not use ISCSI


So - should we test this ?

Re: Question Performance EF280

I apologize, as I overlooked that statement earlier in the initial post. Please disregard my post about iSCSI. 

Re: Question Performance EF280

Has a support case for this issue also been initiated with DataCore? 

Re: Question Performance EF280

If you haven't contacted Support (best way forward), you could create a small disk and present it directly to a non-Datacore FC client, and perform IO from it. 

Maybe also check clients and FC switches for errorrs or other problems with the ports/cables involved.

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