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Revert SED to manufacturer's state from maintenance mode




I've recently corrected an issue encountered on one of my user's AFF-A200 systems.  The short of it is they exchanged an incorrect key with the AFF-A200 during system boot.  This happened the prerequisite amount of times for the disks to be failed somewhat permanently.   I was able to revert the disks to their original state by using the procedures listed here:


However, this procedure required me to insert the disks into an operational cluster in order to revert them (we were lucky enough to have one capable of reverting the disks).  Is there a different procedure that can be performed to revert these disks without having a booted CDoT system?  Perhaps from maintenance mode?  I understand that loss of data in occurrences such as these is a by-product of exchanging the wrong key and I don't require a recovery of any data, just a factory reset of failed disks.  


Re: Revert SED to manufacturer's state from maintenance mode


Hi there!


In maintenance mode, the nodeshell command "disk encrypt revert_original" can be used, as detailed at


Hopefully it doesn't come up again though 🙂

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