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SSD Performance


I have a customer who is currently running 1.6TB SSDs (Part Number: X439A-R6) on an AFF8040.

We are trying to sell them a AFF A300 with 3.84TB SSDs (Part Number: X357A).


They want to know the actual IOPS per SSD for both types. I would beleive that this is very much dependant on whether the SSDs are MLC, eMLC or SLC.


Re: SSD Performance


That is a somewhat loaded question. Why?

I would wager that a 3.8 SSD on a A300 will perform better than on the Aff8040.

A300 has 12Gb SAS built in. Sure you can get a 12Gb SAS for the 8040

The Processors are 2 generations newer, the RAM is different.

Additionally, on average, ONTAP generally get more IOPs per drive/SSD than most others.

What is the workload?


We could go on an on. 

You could just use HWU, look up the SSD and get the "manufacturer" specs on the drives.


I'd just go for selling the new gear and try not to even compare to the old stuff.


I did a bake off a couple years back with a AFF8060 w 36x960G SSDs and I BEAT IT with a A200 with 12 1.8 SSDs!


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Re: SSD Performance


Thanks for your quick response - much appreciated!

Re: SSD Performance


Dear sir;


Could you tell me where I can find the "manufacture" info for 3.8TB SSD in NetApp Hardware Universal?


Thanks and regards


H.Y. Chan

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