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Santricity release notes


Dear all, 

My customer has installed 11.50.2P1 on his E2812 E-Series Arrays.

I see that the the 11.50.3R2 release is the one recommended for 11.50 versions.

I would like to determine if that's worth upgrading to 11.50.3R2 and I would need a release note for this version.

From link, I can get the global release note but that only tells  that "OS 11.50.3 This version includes only minor enhancements and fixes.", that's not enough.


How can I get the release notes for each specific sub version ? Is the only solution to use the section and select each specific release ?

Many thanks





Re: Santricity release notes


Hello fredATstordata,


You can find the Readme (with resolved issues) by navigating to the download page for a specific SANtricity release and clicking the "Readme" links under Documentation & Support.


Here is the direct link for the Readme 11.50.3R2 though.




Team NetApp
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