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Shrinking vol0

Anybody know how to shrink the root volume on an A300 running ONTAP 9.5 so the root aggregate isn't 95% full?  Seems like the old way ( doesn't work.



Re: Shrinking vol0

It's just thick, I'd leave it as is. 



Re: Shrinking vol0

As SpindelNinja mentioned, leave it as is. Some space needs to be free within the root vol. For example if you are doing ONTAP Updates the image files needs some space to be stored in. kind regards Andre

Re: Shrinking vol0

Thanks for the replies.  Turns out the issue is that a root volume of 348.6g is already smaller than the minimum possible size of 350g for the A300.  With ADP the root aggregates are just really small.

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Re: Shrinking vol0

*useable space?   there's also probably snapshot space in there.   

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