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Upgrade to 9.3P1 fails on 9.2 AFF cluster


A short while ago my colleague noticed that 9.3P1 went GA, after upgrading and testing our Dev Sims we decided to upgrade one of our current 9.2 clusters of a pair of AFF8080's


Upgrading via the Managemnt GUI seem to be going fine, we have successfully done this several times, the process is automated and usually works roughly as follows


Failover to Node 1, upgrade Node 2, and then giveback.  Failover to Node 2, upgrade Node 1 and giveback.


Node 1 failed to update and was rejected during giveback as its WAFL and RAID versions were wrong, Then after trying to resolve the issue the WAFL and RAID versions were updated and the node then rejected them and would shutdown to "LOADER" prompt on boot.


The resolution was quite simple but required NetApp Engineers help and involves netbooting the node to 9.3P1 and manually upgrading.


Strangely 9.3P1 no longer appears to be GA




Re: Upgrade to 9.3P1 fails on 9.2 AFF cluster




It is hard to say what your particular issue could have been.

Have a look at the bugs fixed in 9.3P2:


There seems to be a few issues related to low-memory conditions, nodeshell options that have been removed and encrypted drives.


The patch releases can only be found by manually entering the version number. P1 is located here:




Re: Upgrade to 9.3P1 fails on 9.2 AFF cluster


It turned out to be a bug in 9.3P1 that happens if you use the gui to upgrade,  CLI is now the preferred option.

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