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Volume space release to aggregate


I have AFF8080EX (all flash array - SSD) with Ontap 8.3.1 version.

I have a vol - thick provision with inline compression turning on (no dedup) and the size is 2TB.

There has four luns (each size is 500GB with space reservation turn on) in this vol.

Due to the inlnie compression, it shows 900GB free space in this vol.

I resize the vol from 2 TB to be 1.2 TB for this vol.

I am expected to see the free size of the aggregate increased.

However, I do not see the free space increase on this aggregate.

Do I need to run reallocation for the aggregate in order to see it??




Re: Volume space release to aggregate


Would you have any snapshots on this volume? They typically are the cause of space not being released back into the aggregate.

Re: Volume space release to aggregate


No, I do not have any snapshot on this volume.

However, I can increase lun size in this vol.

I also can create a new lun in this vool.

However, I do not want to have more than one lun in the vol.

That's why I want to shrink the vol size to release space to the aggregate so that I can create a new vol. 

Re: Volume space release to aggregate


We typically stick to one lun in one volume.  Easier to manage snapshots that way.  If you need to put more data in it for dedupe purposes, then increase the volume and lun size in it to what you need.  Did you check to see if there are Aggregate Snapshots turned on?  Not volume snapshots, but Aggregate Snaps.  That will keep the removed space for a period of time.  It will also take some time for WAFL to reclaim the space.

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