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Hi netapp experts,   Hello everyone, i am pretty new to nas world and new to netapp. There is a plan to install netapp all flash aff a220. Hence would more
Hi experts Is it normal that cpu is 29% when there is no io?
Is it possible to change the management IP on SF?
In the past couple months, we have had a couple disk drives fail, replacement parts ordered and shipped to us. But, there is no Netapp command to tell more
I upgrade vCenter to 6.7 and the plug for Solidfire stopped working. I went to the mangement node to registered it but I'm getting the error below: Er more
Hello,I have a question about Element OS 11, 10.4 and 10.3. I installed simulator for SolidFire on vCenter. It was a simple task for 10.3. After insta more
I'm getting a message that my SSL certificate will be expiring in 29 days on the cluster. How do I reset the SSL? It is just using the self-signed one more
Anybody know how to shrink the root volume on an A300 running ONTAP 9.5 so the root aggregate isn't 95% full?  Seems like the old way (https://library more
Hi, We recently purchased an AFF-A200 with 24 x 900 SSD.  We are using this only for VMWare environment.  Just wondering if it is better to create a v more
Is there somewhere on the NOW Site I can plug in all requirements our customer has and then it will generate a proposal on what hardware/OS should be more