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If a heavy load with an access size of 4KB (Queue=128/Random=100%/Write=100%) is applied, 2 drives in RAID 6 will fail.This will definitely happen and more
Where can I find the environment specification for the AFF A400 and NSS-224-SED Shelf?
Is NVMe in an A700 MCC IP supported?  
I currently have a FAS2554 with a number of Volumes and NFS and CIFS shares provisioned.  I'd like to migrate all of these to a new AFF A220.  Has any more
Hello everyone, someone know how I can configure intercluster LIFs on shared data ports, on aff220 in metrocluster configuration? On aff220 I have onl more
I would use always the same ports (e0e and e0f) used for peering for iscsi traffic but isn't clear for me how I can separate the traffic (iscsi_a, isc more
Hi Guys,   I got no Pool 1 Disk on the MCC iSCSI Disk. Automatically assigned works but no Pool 1 Disks.   36 Disks; all are partitioned after MCC con more
Can anyone please help me understand the difference between parts with "0E" and parts with "Ad", and why is there price difference. For Example : Part more
Hi,   I would like to make sure I am not missing something: I wanted to create a clustered VMDK datastore for Windows Server Failover Cluster File Ser more
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