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Hello guys, I am looking for information and what are the bootloader arguments that are needed to convert to the FAS8000 platform to an AFF.   I am no more
  Hi guysI am trying to configure the trunk mode between a300 storage and Cisco Catalyst switch. and doesn't work On the storage side, more
As per Ontap 9.7 Release Notes, LUN size >16TB is supported. However, when I tried creating LUN of size >16TB, it's still limiting the size to 16TB it more
I'm getting a message that my SSL certificate will be expiring in 29 days on the cluster. How do I reset the SSL? It is just using the self-signed one more
Hello,   I am configuring a vtl with 2 LTO5 drives on data domain 6800 with the AFF200. I zoned both storage system. From the data domain I can see th more
Hey, Is there a chance that the e-series plugin for vsphere will be updated to support new santricity versions and esxi versions? thanks,    
Hi. All.   In All-Flash FAS - 400, Can I use 100G performance by used LACP to 25g module 4e/a? and... does all flash fas has LACP performance limited? more
Hi   we use E-series for Milestone CCTV system  and  create one Pool for all volumes ,What the best configuration ?  also we disable Data assurance an more
My Block Storage Cluster Capacity is 9.6TB. So it gives an Error of blockClusterFull as I utilized the Block Storage 7.9 TB / 9.6 TB.    So I deleted more
Where can I find the technical specifications of the power supply units of a AFF-A300? All I need to know is the name plate rating of the PSU, e.g. 16 more
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