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I have a customer who is currently running 1.6TB SSDs (Part Number: X439A-R6) on an AFF8040. We are trying to sell them a AFF A300 with 3.84TB SSDs (P more
Hey, Can the provisioning of datastores from solidfire be used like vsc when you're able to right-click the esxi host/cluster and use the plugin exten more
Hi All,   Can we decrease the size in Solid Fire? if not why.      
currently we are using 4*10GbE (e4a,e4b,e4c,e4d) and e8a.e8b.e8c,e8d) to CN1610 swicthes. looking for steps to migrate this to two node switchless clu more
I am following the instuctions to setup LDAP on SolidFire but I am gettin gthe error of LDAP search failed when I test a user login. The direct bind o more
Hi everybody, I´m using the Element OS demo sim. After converting the ova file to vmx with ovatool I was able to deploy the element sim to my ESX 6.7. more
Hello; I have some Disks from other Stotages with i want to use in our FAS 2554 Cdot 9.3. I could not find the correct command to move an unassigned d more
Hi Guys,   I got no Pool 1 Disk on the MCC iSCSI Disk. Automatically assigned works but no Pool 1 Disks.   36 Disks; all are partitioned after MCC con more
FAS8060  8 node cluster CIFS ONTAP 9.4P1 - aggregates all nearly full - BEFORE Added AFF A700 4 nodes to the cluster so now 12 node cluster running ON more
AFF8040 (9.6P3) to AFF A300 (9.6P3) head swap   The existing AFF8040 is not running 9.6P3 today but it will brought up to this release in advance.   O more
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