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Anyone have the process for taking a half popluated A200, adding drives to make it fully populated, and adding space to existing aggregates?  The info more
Hi,   I'm looking for case studies, procedures, best practices,etc on migrating my data from my FAS 8020 to our new AFF A300 SAN. I'd like something m more
4 node AFF700.  I am wanting to implement Flexgroups to house user shares (due to a number of the wonderful things a Flexgroup would do for me).   The more
This document provides details of implementation and best practices recommendations for AFF business-processing SAN configurations. For more info, ple more
This document describes the industry-first NVMe/FC implementation in NetApp® ONTAP®, includes guidelines for SAN design and implementation, and provid more
Hello,   I want to know how can I change an IP of my netapp controllers?. We have on this range of IP: 192.168.6.x and this will be 192.168.8.x It's d more
Hello; Our Autosupport alerts me that Digital certificate for a SVM (Storage Virtual Machine) has expired The following certificates have expired: 054 more
Hi there;   I am facing a problem with the quotas of my cifs svm, i have 4 volumes there with qtree quotas enabled, 3 volumes are fine but 1 makes pro more
The IT field is well past the “should we, or shouldn’t we?” stage regarding all-flash storage. For nearly every organization, the question is when, more
NVM Express (NVMe) is a data storage protocol that delivers the fastest response times for business-critical enterprise applications. However, NVMe more