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Hey, Is there a chance that the e-series plugin for vsphere will be updated to support new santricity versions and esxi versions? thanks,    
Hi. All.   In All-Flash FAS - 400, Can I use 100G performance by used LACP to 25g module 4e/a? and... does all flash fas has LACP performance limited? more
Hello,   I am configuring a vtl with 2 LTO5 drives on data domain 6800 with the AFF200. I zoned both storage system. From the data domain I can see th more
Hi   we use E-series for Milestone CCTV system  and  create one Pool for all volumes ,What the best configuration ?  also we disable Data assurance an more
My Block Storage Cluster Capacity is 9.6TB. So it gives an Error of blockClusterFull as I utilized the Block Storage 7.9 TB / 9.6 TB.    So I deleted more
Where can I find the technical specifications of the power supply units of a AFF-A300? All I need to know is the name plate rating of the PSU, e.g. 16 more
Hi Community,   We have bought month ago AFF-A200 array with 12 internal disks (no additional shelves) . Engineer that cabled this array on site, cabl more
Hi all, I have following situation: An existing AFF-A300 storage with one shelf DS224 with 24 disks, which were assigned as "shared" on both controlle more
Hello, could someone please help clarify if that documentation applies to root-data-data partitioning?Do I have to leave 2 different ssd with 2 spare more
I have a customer who is currently running 1.6TB SSDs (Part Number: X439A-R6) on an AFF8040. We are trying to sell them a AFF A300 with 3.84TB SSDs (P more
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