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In the past couple months, we have had a couple disk drives fail, replacement parts ordered and shipped to us. But, there is no Netapp command to tell more
Anybody know how to shrink the root volume on an A300 running ONTAP 9.5 so the root aggregate isn't 95% full?  Seems like the old way (https://library more
Is there somewhere on the NOW Site I can plug in all requirements our customer has and then it will generate a proposal on what hardware/OS should be more
I upgrade vCenter to 6.7 and the plug for Solidfire stopped working. I went to the mangement node to registered it but I'm getting the error below: Er more
Hi Everyone!   We have today posted this article on our security site - alerting all customer more
Since enabling auditing on our SVMs, we have received a slew of name mapping errors (secd.nfsAuth.noNameMap).  We have intentionally not configured a more
Hello,I have a question about Element OS 11, 10.4 and 10.3. I installed simulator for SolidFire on vCenter. It was a simple task for 10.3. After insta more
Hi Community,   We have bought month ago AFF-A200 array with 12 internal disks (no additional shelves) . Engineer that cabled this array on site, cabl more
Good morning, trying to determine before we try this if bidi's are supported as the QSFP in a FAS/AFF chassis?Would really like to avoid buying MPO st more
I'm trying to setup permissions for a CIFS share and we are on ONTAP 9.1p7.  It seems every CIFS share I create defaults to a behavior of all files an more