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Hello; I have some Disks from other Stotages with i want to use in our FAS 2554 Cdot 9.3. I could not find the correct command to move an unassigned d more
Hi everybody, I´m using the Element OS demo sim. After converting the ova file to vmx with ovatool I was able to deploy the element sim to my ESX 6.7. more
Hi Guys,   I got no Pool 1 Disk on the MCC iSCSI Disk. Automatically assigned works but no Pool 1 Disks.   36 Disks; all are partitioned after MCC con more
FAS8060  8 node cluster CIFS ONTAP 9.4P1 - aggregates all nearly full - BEFORE Added AFF A700 4 nodes to the cluster so now 12 node cluster running ON more
AFF8040 (9.6P3) to AFF A300 (9.6P3) head swap   The existing AFF8040 is not running 9.6P3 today but it will brought up to this release in advance.   O more
Can anyone help me understand the difference between part - DS224C-0-24-N-C & part DS224C-0-24-C. These parts and their description look exactly the s more
Currently, I'm using the A320/N224 System and was curious about the role of the FPGA chip. Is there anyone who knows about this chip??
I am doing forward sizing with workload 100% sequential write, 1024k block size, iSCSI (10GbE) interface with EF570 platform. The result in the system more
Hello everyone, when using nvme/fc on an A300/A700/A700s for example with just ssds as the backend, what is the performance beneift/degregation? Is on more
Hey all, From what I've seen all new models (A800, A320 & A400/FAS8300+8700) do not have UTA2 adapters compatible. Does that mean that FCoE connectivi more
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