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flash cache commands

Where can I find the commands that let me know if my pam card is helping me out?




Re: flash cache commands

start by reading this TR.

The ext_cache_obj can be monitored using the stats command, or using PerfAdvisor.  In PerfAdvisor its not enabled by default so you have to add its object and associated counters.  then you can use the same basic analyis used in PCS with the actual FlashCache card.

I hope that makes sense.

basically you are going to look at the same counters defined in the TR, but you are looking at a real card not a simulated card.

Re: flash cache commands

stats share -p flexscale-access -i 1

Re: flash cache commands

it is not "stats share", but "stats show". The most interesting columns are "cache usage", "hit %" and "disk reads replaced".

Re: flash cache commands

whoops typed the wrong thing, my bad

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