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reassign storage pool size


Hi All,


May we know result about destory aggregate with storage pool status as below?


aggr1 with SAS disks in controller A


aggr2 with SAS disks in controller B


assign all SSD to controller A and create one storage pool with all SSD disks


storage pool with ADP assign 50% to controller A aggr1 and assign remain 50% to controller B aggr2


As we know, it cannot reassign controller A 50% storage pool to controller B, may I know as below


- is it must destory controller A aggr1?


- after destory controller A aggr1, is 50% storage pool size retrun to storage pool at once?


- could storage pool 50% free from controller A and reassign to controller B without any zeroing of SSD disks?


Best rgeards,




Re: reassign storage pool size



look at this article:


"By default, for storage pools associated with an HA pair, two allocation units are assigned to each of the HA partners, but you can reassign the allocation units to the other HA partner if needed (allocation units must be owned by the node that owns the aggregate)"


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