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Hi Gents, Newly installed A250 takes 1+ minute to open a 5Mb word file from a home share which is configured as a dynamic share (%w$) over VPN. Same f more
Hi guys, I'm trying to run the tool in a client but something is going wrong with the path that i'm trying to configure, attached we have my tentative more
Hi All.Someone can tell me where or how to find an official datasheet of the PCIe card X1151A (111-04635: NIC,100GbE, PCIe gen3 x16, Smart IO) for AFF more
Hello, As check with NetApp support matrix, HCI 1.8P1 support ESXi 7.0U1. Due to VMware vulnerabilities issue, anyone could help below question? - req more
Hello ,I am planning to implement AFF400 NVMe/FC for  SAP HANA and Vmware. I need some inputs on the design. What is the best recommendations for SVM. more
I had posted a few months ago about a circumstance that required reverting SEDs to their factory state in maintenance mode: https://community.netapp.c more
Hello @all! I know that this is a forum and not a first aid station, but I don't know what to do next and maybe someone knows someone who knows who .. more
Hi Team,Whether NetApp FAS, AFF, ASA uses Hardware Based RAID controllers? or it is handled by ONTAP itself?
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The NetApp AFF A800 is the world's first end to end FC-NVMe solution. Storage efficiency (dedupe, compression and compaction that yields an effective more
Do you know what NVMe is? What about SCM? Here's Jeff Baxter to explain the two terms & how it ties back to the AFF A800 & ONTAP 9.4.
This FlexPod Select solution for Oracle RAC delivers 1 million IOPS at under 1 ms of latency in a scalable, reliable, NetApp Validated Design.
Very interesting Whitepaper about the REAL TCO of Flash
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