AFF, NVMe, EF-Series, and SolidFire

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My lun's from the SolidFire storage are assigned LUN ID 0 in vSphere using iSCSI. When using RDM's to create disks for a SQL cluster, the RDM's cannot more
Hello!   I need an information if head swap in 4-node Fabric Metrocluster (AFF8080 --> A700) can bo done non-disruptive? Customer would like to avoid more
Hello;   I have an AFF200 and i have the poroblem that on several Volumes the deduplication didn't run cluster1::> volume efficiency showVserver Volum more
A short while ago we updated our NetApps from 9.2 to 9.3, the upgrade was done using NetApp upgrade instructions and was successful, except.....About more
Hi everyone,    I have 4 HCI storage node  in my  group , it use to setup a demo lab . For some reason I need to upgrade the Element OS version from 1 more
Why does a drive slot# show up as "-1" in ActiveIQ for a given Solidfire storage node?   No more
Hello everyone,  I has just checking NS0-182 practice exam ( link from NetApp webpage) and one of th more
I'm trying to present disks from an AFF-200 to a Windows 2008 R2 server, via SnapDrive 7.1.5. When I attempt to Establish the iSCSI session, I immedia more
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