AFF, NVMe, EF-Series, and SolidFire

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Can anyone please help me understand the difference between parts with "0E" and parts with "Ad", and why is there price difference. For Example : Part more
Hi,   I would like to make sure I am not missing something: I wanted to create a clustered VMDK datastore for Windows Server Failover Cluster File Ser more
Hello, could someone please help clarify if that documentation applies to root-data-data partitioning?Do I have to leave 2 different ssd with 2 spare more
Hello,   configuration: AFF320, FC, 4 node cluster with  NVMe SSD, multiple SVMs(each SVM is a different customer)   Recently while testing for noisy more
Hello All, We've downloaded Element OS v12 demo which is an ova file and setup instructions that is availabel on the same download page. Following ins more
Hello guys, I am looking for information and what are the bootloader arguments that are needed to convert to the FAS8000 platform to an AFF.   I am no more
  Hi guysI am trying to configure the trunk mode between a300 storage and Cisco Catalyst switch. and doesn't work On the storage side, more
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