AFF, NVMe, EF-Series, and SolidFire

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Hello ,I am planning to implement AFF400 NVMe/FC for  SAP HANA and Vmware. I need some inputs on the design. What is the best recommendations for SVM. more
We setup to NetAppHCI 1.8P1 on H300E/S. NDE normaly finish and looks ok.We running few weeks. But I logged in mnode today."One or more vCenter instanc more
Dear all, My customer has installed 11.50.2P1 on his E2812 E-Series Arrays.I see that the the 11.50.3R2 release is the one recommended for 11.50 versi more
Hello; We want to upgrade our AFF200, Dualhead, is there an Best Practice Procedure or a Manual you could recommend?Many Thanks, Thomas
I am not sure if this question has been answered earlier. If it has been please assist me with the post in which it is answered. I am migrating a swit more
I have very basic knowledge about Solidfire, and one of thing it is lack of as I know is NFS.  I have two questitons:1. What is alternative to NFS if more
Hi there, We are in the middle of a data migration from FAS2650 to AFF220.AFF220 nodes have been added to the FAS2650 cluster, so we are able to perfo more
Hi,   I try to install HCI1.8P1 to H300S(H410S). I prepared usb memory.(16GB) I download Solidfire install (RTFI) image file from more
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