AFF, NVMe, EF-Series, and SolidFire

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Hello,   We are using VMware with NETAPP AFF8080, my question is, what's the recommended VM count per LUN that we should not exceed, especially when i more
Hello,   We have a brand new A700, and it's not in production yet. I'm trying to get test the throughput using "IOmeter" tool, the performance is poor more
  Hello,   I'd like to get the procedure how to join SF cluster to mNode. I have searched documents and KB on mysupport, but I couldn't find useful on more
Good morning, trying to determine before we try this if bidi's are supported as the QSFP in a FAS/AFF chassis?Would really like to avoid buying MPO st more
Hello , I've bought an AFF-A220 , so I'm new with this,  let me explain my issue , I created an application with 3TB, automatically created a Volume more
Hello, we have an EF-280 wit 48 SSD Disks. We created 2 Volumes - Raid 6 - workload: other workload "each" shelf one volume   directoly connected to D more
Just a heads-up to those who tend to install latest & greatest: the Element Plugin-in for vVCenter server which is commonly used by SolidFire and NetA more
I upgrade vCenter to 6.7 and the plug for Solidfire stopped working. I went to the mangement node to registered it but I'm getting the error below: Er more
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