AFF, NVMe, EF-Series, and SolidFire

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I bought a NetApp X1975A-R6 2Tb Flash Cache Module PCIE VT but I'm kinda confused on how to use it none of my motherboards show it as storage but wind more
Does anyone have the settings for putty for the serial connection and the key sequense to get into DIAGS to reinit the array? 
Hi Team,I've searched Field Portal and have only found HCI vs HCI documents.  Do we have a Nutanix HCI vs NetApp AFF Battle Card?  Thanks, Jeff Blackw more
After i fix jumb frames issue and gateway invalid issue. Today i got another weird thing. After i go to network settings, i put the IP address after v more
Hello Folks!I am trying to change the MTU on Storage And Compute but one of the nodes doens't like to change the MTU to 9000 I tried many times.. I al more
Hi,customer with limited budget is looking to get AFF 250 with 25GbE. They are also planning to use these 25GbE switches for consolidating small netwo more
Hello Folks!i am close to deploy Net App HCI. We already had three compute H410c and four  storage H410S. Before i deploy it, i need to upgrade the fi more
Hello ,I am planning to implement AFF400 NVMe/FC for  SAP HANA and Vmware. I need some inputs on the design. What is the best recommendations for SVM. more
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