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How to Simplify Storage Provisioning Using OnCommand System Manager



Storage provisioning for application specific workloads can be a challenge because it consists of multiple ongoing activities to have an application host its data on the storage system. For example, if an Oracle administrator needs to install and configure his application using NFS protocol, he needs to reach out to the storage administrator who not only needs to provision storage volumes, but also ensure these volumes have the necessary storage efficiency best suited for his application.

OnCommand System Manager, the element management tool for clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT), simplifies application deployment by getting these workloads operational in as little as 15 minutes. The “Application Provisioning” feature for NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) storage systems is now available with the OnCommand System Manager 8.3.2 GA release. System Manager provides a framework for template based configuration and provisioning, where storage volumes for the application can be provisioned with a single click. These storage volumes get provisioned based on best practices for the Oracle application, NFS protocol and storage system, thereby alleviating storage administrator's painstaking task of individual storage volume provisioning. It’s that simple!

Let’s learn how to provision storage for application specific workloads:

Step 1:
Once you successfully log in to System Manager, the newly enhanced dashboard shows you the overall health of your storage system at a glance. In a NAS-optimized cluster for AFF storage, you will now see “Application Provisioning” listed under Storage Virtual Machines as shown below:


Figure 1) Application Provisioning in OnCommand System Manager
Fig 1.png

Step 2:
You can provision storage based on Oracle application type, for a single instance or multiple instances, as shown in figures 2 and 3.

Figure 2) Application Provisioning for a single instance of Oracle
Fig 2.png

Figure 3) Application Provisioning for multiple instances (Oracle RAC)
Fig 3.png

Step 3:
Once you furnish the relevant details required for the Oracle application in the template and click on “Provision Storage”, System Manager will provide progress messages with details of the volumes provisioned and a summary of all the volumes created as a result, as shown below.

Figure 4) Volume Provisioning Summary
Fig 4.png

Other Resources:
Application Provisioning section in Cluster Management Using OnCommand System Manager.

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When will this be available for Non-AFF Clusters running OnTap 9.0?




1. Is Application Provisioning only avaiable for AFF systems? Do we get this feature for FAS systems(non-AFF) in ONTAP9?

2. Canwe see this feature in NetApp simulators?

3. Is there any doc which describes in deatail about this feature?

4. Any available training video as well?



Khalid Anwar




Hello Don/ Khalid,


Sincere apologies for the delay in responding Don.


My responses inline:


1. Is Application Provisioning only avaiable for AFF systems? Do we get this feature for FAS systems(non-AFF) in ONTAP9?

CG: "Application provisioning" feature providing various app templates for ONTAP 9.0 was available only for AFF clusters. However with ONTAP 9.2 release, Application Data Management enables application provisioning for FAS clusters as well.


2. Canwe see this feature in NetApp simulators?

CG: You should be able to use this feature in NetApp simulators. You need to ensure NFS and CIFS services are enabled to use application provisioning feature.


3. Is there any doc which describes in detail about this feature?

CG: ONTAP 9 Documentation Center will be a good starting point


4. Any available training video as well?




Cheryl  George





Thanks a ton! very helpfull. 🙂





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