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Instructions for Sharing WFA Content


These are the instructions for how you can share your WFA content.

Step 1:  Click on the in the 'Share your WFA Content' widget on the main WFA communities page

Step 2:  You will now be creating a new WFA document.  Please select 'Write a new Document' and click 'continue'

Step 3:  Once in the 'Create new Document' screen you need to provide a Title for the document.


    • New MS-SQL Microsoft cluster - Workflow Example
    • Create new vFiler Volumes and Qtrees - Workflow Example
    • Create Export with Mount Options – Command Example
    • Filter aggregate by block type – Filter Example

And so on

Step 4:  Enter a description for the WFA component you are sharing.  The more descriptive, the better.


    • This workflow will create 5 new volumes with 2 new qtrees in each volume.  Each qtree will be exported to the hosts that are identified in the user inputs.  The best aggregates and storage controllers for creating the new components are those that have the most available capacity in the user identified resource pools.  No replication is required for this workflow

WFA Version: 1.0.1 - B4853

    • This command was created from the 'Create Export' command as its base.  The parameters 'mount option for linux', 'mount options for solaris', and 'mount point' were added to the command.  The values for these parameters are provided from WFA to an external Orchestration engine that will use them in addition to the associated volume names in order to mount the storage onto the designated host.

WFA Version: 1.0.1 - B4853

Note: if you see a format you like in another WFA component that was shared you can copy that and use it as your starting point!

Step 5:  Once you've entered your description you need to Attach the export file from your WFA system.  Click on 'Choose File' to select the .dar file from your local system.

Step 6:  Select the category that best matches the content you are sharing.  This category will help others to sort and identify the WFA content that is being shared across the WFA community.

Step 7:  Please type in a few quick tags.  The tags are used with the search criteria so people can find content in the communities. Something like 'wfa workflow automation sql db Microsoft cluster workflow example'  might help someone looking for a workflow that focuses on sql db's spanning Microsoft clusters.

Step 8:  Finally, click on the 'Publish' button at the bottom of the page to save your work and to share your content on the WFA Communities.

That's it!

For questions, concerns or issues, please contact Kevin Hill or Yaron Haimsohn.

Thanks for sharing!

The WFA Team

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The button for "Share your WFA Content" seems to not work on my system using Internet Explorer 8.



There seem to be a few issues with many of the 'widgets' created in the previous version of Jive prior to the recent NetApp communities upgrade.  I'm working through this and many other issues with the Communities support folks.  Hope to have this resolved soon.



It seems that there is still an issue with sharing content.  I just tested on Windows IE 7, Mac Safari 5.1.2 and Mac Firefox 6.0.2.  No go on clicking the button to add content.


Hi Jeremy,

Yes... there was still an issue.  I believe the issue is finally fixed.  Please let me know if you still have issues.  I have tested this out and it's once again possible to Share your WFA Content.


- Kevin


is this still the valid way of submitting content?  eg: example finders/filters?

seems like we need a good/searchable way of sharing random stuff we might have created for WFA ...


Hi Peter,

Actually, yes... it is still valid.  but a couple of comments:

  • While the focus of WFA 2.0 is to make things simpler and more intuitive, there are still Filters and Finders, so they still apply.
  • We need a good / searchable way of sharing... or just plain old searching and organizing.  Yes.  Definitely.  However, it is challenging... especially with how 'challenging' it can be to do some very basic things in JIVE.  Anyway, currently the 'best' way of organizing is via Categories, so we have categories for Workflows, Commands, Filters, and the like.  However the 'best' way for searching is only via the tags put on the document when "Sharing your WFA Content'... and sometimes people don't do that.
  • I think we (the WFA team) need to do a better job at 'moderating' some of the content being added... so we can 'guide' it a bit better so it's better organized, and easier to find via a community search... and also remove stuff that doesn't belong.

Not sure if this helped, but I hope it did.



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