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Operations Manager 4.0 Beta Program

What's New:
  • Discovery, Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting support for Clustered ONTAP (Data ONTAP 8.0)
  • V-Series Monitoring & Reporting enhancements
  • Performance Advisor Data collection enhancements
  • Performance Diagnostic and Event Correlation
  • Performance Baselining
  • Performance Advisor Data Export for Offline Analysis
  • MyAutoSupport integration

For further details, refer: Operations Manager 4.0 Overview , Operations Manager ONTAP8 features

Customer Qualification:
Summary requirements:
  • Must have a signed External Test Agreement (This is required if you want to test the beta on a Linux Server)
  • Organization with at least 5 storage systems,
  • Commitment to install the beta version of the product, spend time each week testing the software and provide regular inputs to NetApp on the testing.

Note: Linux Beta version access is provided only after customer signs a separate Beta License Agreement.

To qualify,


Post all your queries and feedback on Operations Manager 4.0 Beta Discussion Forum.  Beta has a limited support.  NetApp does not commit to fix all bugs or issues related to beta in current release.  Based on available time and resources, critical issues reported will be considered and non-critical ones will be taken up as part of upcoming releases.

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I am running DoT 7.3.1 on my filers.  Would I need to be DoT 8 to take part in the beta?



Nope, we have Perf Adv too in the beta..


As you know that, Data ONTAP8 supports 7-mode/10-mode. 7-mode is equivalent to ONTAP 7G & 10-mode is nothing but Clustered ONTAP.

If you are more interested in the discovery/monitoring/alerting of "Clustered ONTAP" features, then you need to upgrade your filers to DOT8 cluster mode.

However, for 7G/7-mode filers, there are lots of enhancements done on "Performance Advisor" & MyAutoSupport integration. You can still use your existing 7.3.1 filers (or)

upgrade them to DOT8 7-mode if you are interested only in these features.




I hope in 4.0 Protection Manager uses proper naming for snapshots: no spaces, no ":" or other "forbidden" characters.



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