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Outline of Service Now Integration with NetApp WFA


This document is about the integration of NetApp WFA into Service-Now. I assume in the meantime everybody is familiar with WFA (if not then do something about it). So lets spend a few sentences on Service-Now:

Service-Now is an Internet-based SaaS system for IT support, much like is for CRM. You rent the service rather than installing it on premise. NetApp people are mostly familiar with it as we are a customer of Service-Now and implement the IT ticketing system with it.

What is such an integration good for?

Single pane of glass integration of storage provisioning/management (via WFA) in Service-Now service catalog and user interface. In other words we want:

  1. Expose the WFA workflows in Service-Now to get a smooth user experience
  2. Embed WFA workflows in Service-Now workflows (currently considered optional)

The current thinking is dominated by the fact that WFA workflows typically make sense on their own so exposing them as they are in Service-Now makes sense. Ideally those items are exposed either selectively or completely in an own category in the Service-Now service catalog.

Dont get confused about the term service catalog!

Within the context of Provisioning Manager the term storage service catalog is known to NetApp people. It implements certain kind of storage provisioining/placement/protection. In the context of ITSM solutions the term service catalog can consist of a much broader set of entities, e.g. including ordering of hardware. Dont get confused here. In the context of WFA we can consider the offered workflows also as a storage centric catalog.


This question comes up a lot. A Service-Now installation usually looks like this: A hosted web based application with an on premise remote agent (MID Server) in the customer datacenter. We need to attach to this remote agent then there is no discussion about security. Due to cross domain user management a WFA user has to be configured which then is used by Service-Now to perform the WSDL API requests.

Technically - whats behind?

Similarly to the other documented integration approaches it is again the WSDL interface of WFA which we trigger from Service-Now. It is intended to trigger it via the Service-Now MID server to address security. Will be verified soon.

Current status?

We have a demo instance of Service-Now to get this forward. Connection to WFA was established and the getAllWorkflows method was send successfully. Next method is getJobStatus - here we currently have some issues with envelopes. Once thats fixed the other methods should be a no brainer.


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really interesting ..


Great to see this and thank you for documenting it!  We really need to publish this type of information in the form of a TR or whitepaper to show customers that we can do this with WFA.  At a recent executive brieifing for customers, they repeatedly asked if WFA can integrate with BMC Remedy.  So clearly there is a lot of customer interest in integration with ITSM tools.


This article is informative.Thanks for sharing it.Actually I am trying to integrate WFA with Service Now. Which MID server i need to connect to access the data of tickets created by Users. I want to fetch the data from ticket and pass those values to my WorkFlow in WFA. So how to get access to service now ?

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