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Report OSSV backups in OnCommand ?



we are running a big amount of OSSV backups (using Snapvault) in our company. This backups are scheduled on the Netapp filer, which acts as the secondary system. Every morning, a shell script on admin host sorts out the completion of this backups and sends the status by mail to all admins. This script is running well, but I am looking for a more "Netapp based" and professional solution to improve the service.

It is possible to create a report in OnCommand, which sends out the state of OSSV backups (completed, still in progress, failed) every morning? The Snap schedule should be kept on Netapp, I don't want to start backups by OnCommand!

I set up an OnCommand test installation short time ago, but did not found a suitable possibility at first glance.

Many thanks for any hints and input!

Best regards,

Martina Baumann

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OnCommand Report 1.0 release does not support data protection related reports, this is something we are planning in the upcoming release. I will check if OnCommand unified manager 5.0 has OSSV reports and update.


Hi Martina,

You may want to check out the Backup Reports available with Operations Manager that will give you the status of all the backup jobs and you can schedule and email the same.

In OM WebUI navigate to Control Center->Reports->Schedule->Report Schedules tab and click on the Add New Reports Schedule.

In the "Reports Add a Schedule" page select the Report Application as "Backup". The one that seems to fit your requirement here is "Jobs, Last 24 hours" report. Provide details on this page like Name,Schedule(Click on Manager Schedules to create a schedule for say morning 7 am and save it) and add email recipients. This report will be run and emailed to the receiptents every morning as per the schedule.

Please do let us know if this helps.





many thanks for the fast replies!

Even if my "problem" is still unsolved 😞   

I did some tests with reports in OperationManager during the previous days, but no luck. I tried the  "Jobs, Last 24 hours" report, but unfortunately, I could not found it in the list of available reports. However, I tried the "Jobs, All", but this reported an empty output only.

I will go ahead with a home-made workaround by ssh until there is a better solution...

Just one idea more: maybe the current release of OnCommand Insight Report provides something useable?

best regards,



Hi Martina,

     The jobs report will work if the schedules are manged by OnCommand. I would suggest you to take a look at this report instead.

dfm report view dp-transfer-backup-individual

But you may be hit by this bug if you are in 5.0/5.0.1



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