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Storage Automation Store


NetApp is launching the Storage Automation Store for OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA). The Storage Automation Store is a portal that provides NetApp-certified workflows that are logically grouped together as packs. The workflow packs can be downloaded and then imported into WFA. The Storage Automation Store can be accessed using the following link: The Storage Automation Store can also be accessed from the WFA 3.0 interface.

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After upgrading to 5.0.2,  I'm unable to import the WFA pack for managinf Clustered Data ONTAP 9.6.0  (wfa-cdot-9.6.0-5301227.dar)


I get the following error:

    Failed to copy toolkits. Retry operation after making sure there are no workflows in execution.


There are no workflows running, I've cleaned all reservations, rebstarted services, rebooted the WFA server.   Does anyone have any other suggestions?





Sorry - thart's WFA (not 5.0.2)  


Hi Mike,


I had exactly the same issue. I managed to get around it by splitting the Pack.

1. Just use 7-Zip to extract the dar File to a Folder.

2. Copy all of the Folder toolkit to the appropriate destinations Paths on the WFA Host C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\PoSH\ and C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\Perl. 

3. Remove the Folder toolkit from the extracted Zip

4. Rezip the Content (make sure that the root of the ZIP contains the xml-Files and the Folders workflow-help and META-INF)

5. Rename the zip-File to .dar

6. Install the dar File via the WFA Gui


I hope this fixes your issue.


Greetings Alex