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WFA command to insert/update a record in the Playground database of MySQL


Hi all,

I needed to insert / update a record in the WFA MySQL playground database and I didn't find anything online, so I started digging.

First of all you need the MySQL.Data.dll for .NET 2.0.  You can easily find this on the web.

I then copied them under ...\wfa\mysql\client\

Here is the code for the command, have fun !

What I expect is :

- the ip of the mysql (defaults to localhost)

- username of mysql (defaults to wfa)

- password of mysql (defaults to Wfa123)

- database name (defaults to playground)

- path of the dll (defaults to C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\mysql\client\MySQL.Data.dll)

- table name

- column names : a delimited string of the column names

- column values : a delimited string of the column values you want to add/update

- column types : a delimited string of the column types (string or number) => just to know if quotes are in order

- column keys : a delimited string of the column primary keys

- delimiter : which delimiter to use

param (

   # is default ip address

  [parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="MySql IP address")]


  # 'wfa' is default username

  [parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="MySql Username")]



  # 'Wfa123' is default password

  [parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="MySql Password")]


  # playground is default database

  [parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="MySql Database")]


  # C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\mysql\client\MySQL.Data.dll is default path

  [parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="MySql Dll Path")]


  [parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Table Name")]


  [parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Column Names")]


  [parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Column Values")]


  [parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Column Keys")]


  # type must be STRING or NUMBER (just to know if we need quotes or not)

  [parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Column Types")]


  [parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Delimiter")]



# set defaults

if(-not $MySqlServer){

    $MySqlServer = ""


if(-not $Database){

    $Database = "playground"


if(-not $DllPath){

    $DllPath = "C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\mysql\client\MySQL.Data.dll"


if(-not $Username){

    $Username = "wfa"


if(-not $Password){

    $Password = "Wfa123"


Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Create Database Connection")

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("MySqlServer : $MySqlServer")

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Database : $Database")

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Username : $Username")

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("DllPath : $DllPath")

# creating connection string

$ConnectionString = "server=$MySqlServer;uid=$UserName;pwd=$Password;database=$Database;"

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("ConnectionString : $ConnectionString")

# building sql commands

# split the columns and force to array

$arrNames = @($Names.ToLower().split($Delimiter))

$arrValues = @($Values.Replace("'","''").split($Delimiter))

$arrKeys = @($Keys.ToLower().split($Delimiter))

$arrTypes = @($Types.ToLower().split($Delimiter))

$columnLength = $arrNames.length

# check valid input

#    - at least one name/value pair

#    - same number of name, values & types

#    - valid number of keys

if(($columnLength -eq 0) -or ($columnLength -ne $arrValues.length) -or ($columnLength -ne $arrTypes.length) -or ($arrKeys.length -eq 0) -or ($arrKeys.length -gt $columnLength)){

    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Name/Value pairs are not equal in numbers or Keys are incorrect")

    throw "Wrong Name/Value pairs or wrong keys"


$items = @()

for($x = 0;$x -lt $columnLength;$x++){

    $item = "" | Select name,value,isString,isKey

    $ = $arrNames[$x]

    $item.value = $arrValues[$x]

    $item.isString = ($arrTypes[$x] -eq "string")

    $item.isKey = ($arrKeys -contains $

    $items += $item


# command magic

$nameList = ($items | foreach{$}) -join ","

$valueList = ($items | foreach{if($_.isString){"'$($_.value)'"}else{$_.value}}) -join ","

$whereCriteria = ($items | where{$_.isKey} | foreach{if($_.isString){"$($'$($_.value)'"}else{"$($$($_.value)"}}) -join " AND "

$updatePairs = ($items | where{-not $_.isKey} | foreach{if($_.isString){"$($'$($_.value)'"}else{"$($$($_.value)"}}) -join ", "

# build the commands

$selectCommand = "SELECT count(*) FROM $Table WHERE $whereCriteria"

$insertCommand = "INSERT INTO $Table($nameList) VALUES($valueList)"

$updateCommand = "UPDATE $Table SET $updatePairs WHERE $whereCriteria"

try {

    $ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"

    # load MySQL driver and create connection

    [system.reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile($DllPath) | Out-Null

    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Loaded MySql DLL")

    $connection = New-Object MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection

    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Creating connection object")

    $connection.ConnectionString = $ConnectionString

    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("ConnectionString = $ConnectionString")


    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Database is open")

    $comm = New-Object MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlCommand

    $comm.Connection = $connection

    $comm.CommandText = $selectCommand

    $result = $comm.ExecuteReader()


    $exists = ($result[0] -gt 0)

    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Executed : $selectCommand")

    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Result : $($result[0])")





        $comm.CommandText = $updateCommand

        Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Record already exists - updating")


        $comm.CommandText = $insertCommand

        Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Record does not exist - inserting")


    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Executing command : $($comm.CommandText)")



} catch {

    Get-WFALogger -Error -message $("Could not run MySQL Query : $($Error[0].Exeception)")

} Finally {


    Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Connection Closed")


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Great stuff!  Thanks for sharing. 

Jeremy Goodrum, NetApp

The Pirate

Twitter: @virtpirate



What Jeremy said.  Truly great stuff, and thanks very much for sharing!!!

- Kevin


Wow!! Thanks for Sharing Mirko. 5 Stars


Hey Mirko,

Nice work! I had the same problem a while back, and used the in-built mysql command to run some SQL directly. I didn't want dependencies on maintaining binaries as the customer had 4+ WFA installations between prod/test/dev. Pasted below in case it's useful to anyone. This example deletes a row in the table.

$key_name = "key to delete"

$key_value = "value of key"

$key_table = "table-name"

# Default credentials for playground database

$MySQLAdminUserName = 'wfa'

$MySQLAdminPassword = 'Wfa123'

$MySQLDatabase = 'playground'


Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Obtaining MySQL location.")

# Attempt to find mysql.exe based on the wfa tmp working path, or default location if not found

$pwd = Get-Location

$mysqlcmd = $pwd.Path+"\..\..\..\..\..\mysql\bin\mysql.exe"

$mysqlcmd_found = Test-Path $mysqlcmd

if ($mysqlcmd_found -ne $true)


  $mysqlcmd = "C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\mysql\bin\mysql.exe"


Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Preparing Command")

$cmd1 = "DELETE FROM playground." + $key_table + " WHERE " + $key_name + "='" + $key_value + "'"

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Executing SQL: " + $cmd1)

# Attempt insert via mysql.exe

& "$mysqlcmd" "--user=$MySQLAdminUserName" "--host=$MySQLHost" "--password=$MySQLAdminPassword" "-B" "-e$cmd1" "$MySQLDatabase"

$ret = $?

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Return code: " + $ret )

- Michael.


Great stuff Mirko.

Mic G. - Thanks for sharing your view and code !!!


Hi Michael,

Can you use the mysql.exe also for queries ?  or this non-query only ?



Hey Mirko,

Yep, mysqld.exe is the actual database server, mysql.exe is the client and can be used for running any queries locally. The output of queries is in human-readable format, not programmatic so is harder to work with, but it's good for inserts and deletes.

- Michael.




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WFA command to insert/update a record in the Playground database of MySQL

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Hey Mirko, this is a nice feature.  Any reason why it doesnt work with the other DBs?  For example, I changed the command to "Select name from cm_storage.cluster" and it says cm_storage is not a valid database



Because you cannot manipulate the native databases, only datasources can insert in those.


Mirko Van Colen

Professional Services Consultant

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Sorry answered too quickly.

You’re doing a select...

That should work. I’m always using a mysql gui where I can test my queries.


Mirko Van Colen

Professional Services Consultant

M +32 496 122 285